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Ray Price HD started as a health development clinic for people at Winter Park, Florida. Health development service, hence, the HD in the company name. It was not Ray Price who founded this small clinic but a physical therapist, Linda L. Clemons.

She opened the clinic back in 2012 to provide her expertise and services to the community of Winter Park. Most of her clients were student-athletes who suffered minor and major injuries. It was not long until Clemons’ expertise made her clinic one of the best in the area.

Way of Sports

In 2014, Clemons created an online blog where she could share her own experience as a physical therapist to her colleagues and everyone else. In her initial blog posts, she talked about the mental challenges of her job as she tends to athletes who suffered great injuries rendering them unable to play sports again.

From that, Clemons started her content series entitled “Way of Sports.” In it, she talked about the challenges and opportunities in the world of sports for young people. Clemons started sharing personal stories and experiences with her clients.

The Way of Sports was her way to contribute to athletes for them to better prepare themselves as they take on bigger challenges. The blog series might sound sad and heartbreaking, but it was a collection of inspiring stories and people.

Big Break

In 2017, Clemons was approached by several sports organizations to start a partnership with her. Now, these people who went to her are owners of top sports and training facilities across Florida.

They’ve asked Clemons to turn her blog into an online sports magazine where she can serve a larger audience across the country. In December 2017, the Ray Price HD online magazine launched with its first-ever issue.

Sports Community

Today, the online magazine has more than 250,000 subscribers. These are not just users but members of one of the biggest online sports communities in the United States of America.

We are talking about people from all walks of life, different races coming together and finding common ground in their love for sports. We cover the biggest sports including the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL.

We provide the latest updates and even heartbreaks about your favorite athletes, active or not.

If you want to stay updated with the latest and biggest news in the world of sports here in the USA, join the Ray Price HD online community today. It will only take you a couple of minutes and clicks.