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Advertise with rayprice - Advertise with Us

Ray Price HD is at the ready to give people and businesses a hand in promoting and marketing their sports products, services, and events. In the last couple of years, we have partnered with several organizations for promotional purposes.

So, if you ever need a hand or all the hands you need with advertising what you have to offer, talk to us.

How does it work?

Advertising with us means we will distribute marketing campaigns on all Ray Price HD platforms both online and offline. First off, we will provide an entire spread for your ad on one of our upcoming magazine issues.

Every month, we record more than 90,000 active readers giving our monthly issues a thorough read

Then, we will also post your ads on our social media platforms. We guarantee strong user engagement that will surely result in strong ROI in your partnership with us.

Advertise with us today

If you want to push through with this, all you must do to get started is connect with one of our marketing specialists. Send us an email at and enter in the subject line “Marketing Partnership” and the name of your business or your name.

Provide the necessary contact information in the email so that our marketing specialists will know how to get in touch with you. From then on, our employees will discuss with you the nature of the ad campaign you want to push out and the objectives behind them.

We will see to it that we provide you great market and consumer insights so we can position your ad better online. You’ll get the latest data points in terms of demographics and what online users are engaging with.

In terms of design, we have a team of creative experts in different fields including graphic design, photography, videography, animation, and more. You’ll have at your disposal a capable group of talented individuals.

Competitive Rates

If you are worried about the payment, don’t be. Our advertising services are cost-effective and at the same time competitive. We won’t require you to spend thousands of dollars on a single ad.