Battle of Houston Rockets OKC Thunder is postponed because the players have a haircut 675x360 - Battle of Houston Rockets - OKC Thunder is postponed because the players have a haircut
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Battle of Houston Rockets – OKC Thunder is postponed because the players have a haircut

One of the notable matches on the morning of December 24 between the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder was postponed when the Rockets did not have enough 8 players to participate.

The showdown between the Rockets and Thunder on the morning of December 24 was postponed because the Rockets team did not have enough 8 players to participate in the competition. Accordingly, 3 Houston players had positive results for COVID-19, while the other 4 players were forced to isolate because of close contact. Before that, Chris Clemons was also seriously injured and could not play.

One of the players who are positive for COVID-19 is rookie Kenyon Martin and he will need to have re-tests to see if the results are accurate. Before that, Martin and John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins ​​got together to cut their hair so that both Wall and Cousins ​​had to be isolated.

The Houston Rockets experienced a serious force crisis because of COVID-19. Previously, Ben McLemore was positive for SARS-CoV-2, Jae’Sean Tate and Mason Jones were also quarantined because of close contact.

Battle of Houston Rockets OKC Thunder is postponed because the players have a haircut - Battle of Houston Rockets - OKC Thunder is postponed because the players have a haircut

James Harden was also criticized for attending a party without wearing a mask. MVP 2018 was fined $ 50,000 for this action, but he had a negative result for SARS-CoV-2 and was also not involved in the postponement of the match.

The Rockets’ next match will be against Portland Trail Blazers on the morning of December 27. If all 8 players are negative for COVID-19, this team will have to play.

The Oklahoma City Thunder players will return to OKC shortly. They will stay here for 2 days before flying again to Charlotte to encounter the Hornets. Remember back in March, Thunder featured in the first NBA game postponed because of COVID-19, against the Utah Jazz.

Mayweather confirmed gloves compared to Logan Paul 640x360 - The hottest sports on December 7: Mayweather confirmed against gloves with Logan Paul
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The hottest sports on December 7: Mayweather confirmed against gloves with Logan Paul

 Mayweather announced that he will be playing with Logan Paul in the performance match in February 2021.

Mayweather confirmed gloves compared to Logan Paul

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather announced on his personal page that he will be standing with Logan Paul in a performance match in February 2021. “The super performance match will take place on February 20, 2021. Early tickets are on sale. Information will be updated later,” Mayweather wrote on her personal page.

In September, reporter Mike Feinberg of The Fighting News said “Lonely and defeated” signed an agreement to compare gloves with Logan Paul in a performance match later this year. This information was also confirmed by sports commentator Pat McAfee.

Mayweather confirmed gloves compared to Logan Paul - The hottest sports on December 7: Mayweather confirmed against gloves with Logan Paul

Yoel Romero suddenly broke up with UFC

Yoel Romero, one of the UFC’s top midsize boxers in the world, said goodbye to this award. Yoel Romero’s manager Malki Kawa confirmed the news in the tweet by reporter Ariel Helwani (ESPN): “Yoel Romero’s career at UFC has ended unexpectedly. Romero and this tournament have split up. Some sources have informed ESPN. Romero’s manager Malki Kawa also confirmed that Romero has liquidated his contract with UFC”.

Joshua asked Fury to hire him as a manager

Anthony Joshua satirically stated that Tyson Fury should hire him as a manager if he wants to capitalize on his prospects of becoming a boxing superstar. “I say this, Tyson should go to Matchroom and 258 Management so that we can manage his career. He’s a rising superstar and with the right management he’s going to be a real superstar”, Joshua said.

Snoop Dogg was self-nominated for Mayweather – Logan Paul

Not long after the performance match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul was officially finalized, Snoop Dogg has expressed his desire to be a commentor for this match. Specifically, the 49-year-old rapper posted a collage with his participation with 2 boxers with the caption: “I know”. Besides, Snoop Dogg also added a microphone icon.

LaVar Ball dodged the 1 1 match with Michael Jordan admitting the inevitable 675x360 - LaVar Ball dodged the 1-1 match with Michael Jordan, admitting the inevitable
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LaVar Ball dodged the 1-1 match with Michael Jordan, admitting the inevitable

During a charity food distribution ahead of Thanksgiving in the US, LaVar Ball spoke up about the 1-1 match with Michael Jordan.

The story of the talkative father LaVar Ball claimed that he could beat Michael Jordan if a 1-1 game became too popular.

However, after a while, it sank because many people also understood that Lonzo’s father, LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball could not do what he said.

However, this story has regained its vitality and has emerged in the past few days after LaMelo Ball, the youngest of LaVar’s son was selected in the third round of the NBA Draft 2020 by Charlotte Hornets – the team where Michael Jordan is. is the owner.

However, the key story has never been the outcome of the match, instead of LaVar’s humorous bragging.

Initially, he did everything to polish his name as well as his sons. So now over the years and having gone through some events with the Big Baller Brand, will LaVar Ball change its mind.

LaVar Ball dodged the 1 1 match with Michael Jordan admitting the inevitable - LaVar Ball dodged the 1-1 match with Michael Jordan, admitting the inevitable

During a charity gift distribution before Thanksgiving in Los Angeles a few days ago, LaVar Ball met with a TMZ reporter, who personally asked him about the 1-1 match with Michael Jordan.

Unexpectedly, LaVar has become humble, not as blatant as although he is still a bit extravagant, which is already the essence of the Ball fathers.

The TMZ reporter continued to ask the Big Baller Brand boss about the match so that he finally received a humble answer from LaVar.

Perhaps only LaVar Ball is affected by age, and Michael Jordan and the legendary skills are almost immortal.

But LaVar also needs to be more frugal, especially as he will surely meet Michael in the near future as LaMelo Ball is now a Charlotte Hornets player.

Sooner or later, all three will meet together and then the story of the 1-1 match will definitely be discussed.

An unnamed NBA coach gives comments on Russell Westbrook 675x360 - An unnamed NBA coach gives comments on Russell Westbrook
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An unnamed NBA coach gives comments on Russell Westbrook

To make things worse, Chris Paul, who went in the opposite direction with Russell Westbrook, played great, elevating the OKC Thunder team at Playoffs.

Last summer, the Houston Rockets thought they had solved the biggest problem in the squad by trading Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook.

But then a year later, it looked like Houston was just bringing up a bigger problem.

Not long after the Rockets were knocked out of the Playoffs by the Los Angeles Lakers, an unnamed NBA head coach made a rather crude but very real comment about Russell Westbrook.

“Houston thought Westbrook would be a good complement to James Harden, but in my opinion, in fact Westbrook can not support anyone well,” the coach shared.

“He needs to be the biggest star but he can’t shoot. He needs the ball to function and cannot play off-ball (move without the ball).

It is difficult for a team to operate with two superstars with maximum contract value but everyone needs the ball to operate.

Maybe it will be possible somewhere. But a spot of Westbrook can completely exchange for two better players instead of playing the way he works in Houston alone.

For most of his time at the Playoffs, Russell Westbrook was pretty out of place.

An unnamed NBA coach gives comments on Russell Westbrook - An unnamed NBA coach gives comments on Russell Westbrook

He averaged 17.9 points with 7.0 rebounds and 4.6 assists while a 3-point throw rate of 24.2% 3PT. Russ is still enthusiastic and energetic, but the effect he gives is very low.

The reason may be that Westbrook has just returned from months out of injury. But at the Playoffs, where Russell needed to assert his worth, he was unable to meet the expectations of the fans and the coaching staff.

To make things worse, the opposite of Russ, Chris Paul, played great, elevating the Oklahoma City Thunder team at the Playoffs.

There was a time when the duo Westbrook – Harden seemed to be successful and effective.

Before the NBA season was put on hold because of COVID-19, Russell had been on a dizzying spell and at his best all season. He averaged 31.7 points and 8.1 rebounds and 6.8 assists in a streak of 23 games before the season stopped.

However, when the Playoffs season comes, Russell Westbrook is as if “the old horse”, the image makes many fans feel sorry for this All-Star defender.

In the next three seasons, Russell Westbrook still has a $ 133 million contract with the Houston Rockets, joining the NBA’s “toughest” players.

Coach Mike D’Antoni has left the team. Now his takeover will face many problems, one of which will be Westbrook’s future in the squad.

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Sports, Athletes, and Teams to Bet on in 2020

Sports are getting back at it with games for different leagues and associations pushing through. With sports back, we expect sports betting to get back as well. Thousands or even millions of people have been waiting for months to bet on sports once again.

If you are one of those people, then we have some pointers for you. Here are the sports, teams, and athletes to bet on.

The Los Angeles Lakers

The 2018-2019 season wasn’t a year for the LA Lakers, but this season just might be. With Lebron James leading the purple and gold army, they just might get another championship. The Lakers are looking good not only because of James but because of Anthony Davis, J.R. Smith, Alex Caruso, and more. Their roster is looking more and more of a super team and that intensity is seen on the floor.

The Lakers have a big chance of winning this year’s championships. However, it is not going to be an easy road as they are going to face other super teams as well including Los Angeles Clippers led by Kawhi Leonard who led the Toronto Raptors to victory last season.

But still, it is going to be a great campaign for the Lakers, and you might want to put your money on them.

Sports Athletes and Teams to Bet on in 2020 1 - Sports, Athletes, and Teams to Bet on in 2020

Floyd Mayweather (in case he comes back)

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is without a doubt one of the greatest boxers to ever fight in the ring. There are rumors of a potential comeback for the undefeated boxer. There is still no confirmation on that but if he was, then it is going to be a big moment for sports and a potential opportunity for you to make some money.

Floyd has been criticized throughout his career for playing it safe and cherry-picking his opponents. But that is not the case at all. Floyd is a defensive genius and he knows how to control fights.

We are rooting for his comeback and whoever he faces, we’ll still go with Money for the money.


UFC is lock and loaded to once again give the world the greatest MMA fights ever. The UFC 253 is just around the corner and we will see some of the greatest fighters thrown down. For the main event, undefeated Israel Adesanya will take on Paulo Costa who is also undefeated.

We are still a bit on the edge about who to bet on, but we encourage all of you to make a bet for this fight.

Sports bets on this match are going to either win or lose big money. This is one of the most anticipated bouts this year and you need to get in on the action. Make sure to arrive at an informed decision and not just base it on luck.

Need Help Betting?

If you need help betting, then Ray Price HD is more than happy and ready to give you a hand. We have a team of sports analysts to provide betting odds for specific games and matches.

We are closely monitoring several leagues and associations and we continue to build up our statistics.

Make sure to bet wisely and not just throw money based on luck. 2020 has been a struggle for us all but we are going to finish it with a bang with the biggest sporting events and greatest athletes here in the USA.

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Why American Football is the Biggest in the USA

Some people might argue that Baseball is the favorite sport in the USA. They’ll use the statement; Baseball is like apple pie. Well, there is some truth to that but, Baseball is not the USA’s biggest sport. American Football is. Here is why.

Building Traditions

American Football led to the greatest American traditions ever. First, we have to tailgate. For other countries, tailgating is a road violation, here in the USA, it is one of the biggest celebrations of the year.

Tailgating is when a few people from all over gather in one area, park their cars, put up tents, turn on the griller, and enjoy some American Football. No matter the weather, rain, shine, snow, or hail, there will always be tailgating.

Another tradition is Thanksgiving football. On Thanksgiving Day, people would go out and play football together. American Football is built upon the athletes, the organizations, the supporters, and the traditions.


We are not talking about the bad blood here. There are great rivalries in other sports between teams, between players, between fanbases, and more. But, rivalries in football is not just about two teams thinking of each other as enemies.

Rivalries in football like Cowboys vs Eagles, Chiefs vs Raiders, Packers vs Bears, 49ers vs Rams, etc. bring out the best from each team. That is why every game, despite not being championship rounds feels like they are.

We have never seen sports rivalries as intense in the NFL. Not just in the NFL by the way but in the NCAA college football league as well.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a national holiday. People stay at home or go to bars, drink some beers, eat some hot wings, and cheer for their teams. The Superbowl is even more exciting for cities with representatives at the grand championship. Unlike the NBA, NHL, and MBL, the Super Bowl is a one day, no tomorrow championship.

The Super Bowl XLV in 2011 recorded 111 million viewers nationwide. It was a grand year for the state of Wisconsin as the Green Bay Packers took home the victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The highlight of this event is not just the game but the Half-Time show. Every year, the Super Bowl invites the greatest artist and bands from all over the globe to perform in front of the greatest audience.

We are talking about Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, The Rolling Stones, Prince, The Beatles, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Coldplay, U2, and so much more.

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