Why American Football is the Biggest in the USA


Some people might argue that Baseball is the favorite sport in the USA. They’ll use the statement; Baseball is like apple pie. Well, there is some truth to that but, Baseball is not the USA’s biggest sport. American Football is. Here is why.

Building Traditions

American Football led to the greatest American traditions ever. First, we have to tailgate. For other countries, tailgating is a road violation, here in the USA, it is one of the biggest celebrations of the year.

Tailgating is when a few people from all over gather in one area, park their cars, put up tents, turn on the griller, and enjoy some American Football. No matter the weather, rain, shine, snow, or hail, there will always be tailgating.

Another tradition is Thanksgiving football. On Thanksgiving Day, people would go out and play football together. American Football is built upon the athletes, the organizations, the supporters, and the traditions.


We are not talking about the bad blood here. There are great rivalries in other sports between teams, between players, between fanbases, and more. But, rivalries in football is not just about two teams thinking of each other as enemies.

Rivalries in football like Cowboys vs Eagles, Chiefs vs Raiders, Packers vs Bears, 49ers vs Rams, etc. bring out the best from each team. That is why every game, despite not being championship rounds feels like they are.

We have never seen sports rivalries as intense in the NFL. Not just in the NFL by the way but in the NCAA college football league as well.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a national holiday. People stay at home or go to bars, drink some beers, eat some hot wings, and cheer for their teams. The Superbowl is even more exciting for cities with representatives at the grand championship. Unlike the NBA, NHL, and MBL, the Super Bowl is a one day, no tomorrow championship.

The Super Bowl XLV in 2011 recorded 111 million viewers nationwide. It was a grand year for the state of Wisconsin as the Green Bay Packers took home the victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The highlight of this event is not just the game but the Half-Time show. Every year, the Super Bowl invites the greatest artist and bands from all over the globe to perform in front of the greatest audience.

We are talking about Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, The Rolling Stones, Prince, The Beatles, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Coldplay, U2, and so much more.

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